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A realtor today is as hard to find as a penny in your pocket. Lets look at some numbers, Census Bereau estimates that there are just under 250 million adults in the US. Estimates show there are now over 2 million active real estate licenses in the US.
What does this mean? well we can say that every 2 in 25 people is a realtor. If you think about 12 people you know, one of those by this estimate is a realtor. Now the numbers only show active licenses, still the number is stagerring! That means in a bus full of say 50 people 4 of them are realtors!
As in any business there are good and bad employees, we've put this site together so people can voice their oppinion and help others pick the TOP DOG! Use our search, or better yet go ahead and read some of the existing reviews, some are real gems!


Use our search to find out what others are saying about your agent, or simply to find an agent near you. If you can't find an agent that you know is in your area please contact us


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