Margaret E Nulty Guber
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Agency Prudential
Office Prudential Fox & Roach Realtor
City Margate City
State NJ
Zip 08402-2448
Phone Number 609-822-4200

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This woman runs a brokerage filled with the most ruthless, arrogant, and dishonest realtors you can imagine. If you value your life, then DO NOT get between any one of them and a commission. Every realtor here will say, swear, and sign ANYTHING for a commission. How does this Goober lady sleep at night? Oh, wait. Given Margate's business climate, she probably sleeps very well.

2012-10-17 06:08:58
If her office is doing so well, then why doesn't she shell out a few shekels and have her teeth whitened? Hmmmm?

2012-11-05 06:44:49
This woman claims that Sandy destroyed her office. I doubt it. But if it's true, then this is a good thing.

2012-11-07 07:17:27
This woman's a real potential porker. We'll give her two years before she has to let herself go totally.

2012-11-15 07:29:24
Hurricane Sandy swamped Margate's Pru-Fox? . . . LOL!!!! . . . Good!

2013-04-10 18:16:05
This woman's outfit is all about "swindlin' the goyim," and it really makes no bones about it. . . . So why get swindled? Just stay away from this den of thieves.

2013-09-16 05:53:14
Pinky + "The Real Estate Tycoon/Waitress Brittani Federa" = Two peas in a pod! LOL!!!!

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