Realtor Patience is Key!

What are the limits realtors have to go to in order to make a sale?

To answer this question i think i have to go back in time to when my parents were buying their first home over 35 years ago. It was around the time i was starting school. I remember how excited they were to be looking at all these homes. If my parents were excited, I was ecstatic! My own room, walls I can write on, no one above, below or on the other side of the wall to remind us it's late or too early to play soccer in the living room. Alas our own kingdom, it was this unachievable goal that meant you've WON! After the first 2 months the excitement tapered down a bit. The next month or so were all about re-evaluating what the family really needed. During this time our realtor reassured us how few people get to find their dream home in such a short time. We were shown homes that were too expensive, and others were too cheap. This was a great experience for everyone as our agent always stayed positive and even after weekends of 5-10 showings did not bat an eye at "just one more".

Me and my brother stopped going to some of these showings after a while because it was turning into a waste of time. We knew it would take a miracle for my parents who weren't really that picky to find the one and only.

6 Months have passed, I kid you not, 180 days of looking, and researching and phone calls, and going through papers weekly to see newly listed homes. Still nothing, and at this point our agent became part of the family, we had this guy over for Sunday dinners, he would help pick us up from school when parents couldn't. He moved up and down on the speed dial as time went on. He never gave up, he never told my parents he can't do this anymore, there was no depression, no disappointment, no quitting.

After 10 months of looking, he suggested we try a relatively new community across the bridge. This was a part of town that we never considered. Didn't have the greatest of reputations, and it was a bridge too far to commute for my parents. I remember he was at our house right at 5:15 pm, as soon as my parents came home. He said he chose this time to see how traffic would be to get across the bridge. Re-runs of Full House were way more fun than looking at another house we're not going to get. At 6:30 they were back, it was dinner time and I will never forget when they all walked back in. They said "kids get in the car, we think we found the one". We loaded up in his car, drove over the bridge, and just on the other side of the bridge was a very quiet area of about 16 homes, no traffic noise, big lot, gigantic cedars around, it felt like we were in a forest. There stood a house, simple yet pretty, big yet manageable. Inside there were 4 bedrooms, one for me, one for my brother, parent's room and a guest bedroom. It was clean, with a fantastic view of the river and the mountains, newer construction and a back yard where we planned the tree house, the slide, tennis courts, swimming pools etc...

My parent's been living in their beloved house for about 35 years now. Our realtor comes by at least every quarter, we get Christmas cards from him every year. They're signed and enveloped by hand with his own hand writing. He spent close to a year trying to find the right place for our family. And since that time he has found homes for my family, my brother's and all our friends. A relationship is built on patience and devotion. 35 years ago we met a person who didn't owe us anything, had the patience to stick around for months! Picked us up at school and dropped us of. Drove us to see numerous houses that made my parents realize what they really wanted was just over the bridge.

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